Tsubomi (Anthology): First Love

ImageThe aloof calligraphist Takatsuki receives a love letter one day at school and decides to write back a polite rejection because the sender’s handwriting was “honest” (a proof that it wasn’t a prank played by her classmates) and simply because it was the only letter with the sender’s name written (nameless letters were from pranksters).

ImageHino (the girl who wrote the letter) takes up calligraphy and forms a friendship with Takatsuki with her cool personality, despite Takatsuki’s cold behavior at first. When Hino fails to make it to class one day, Takatsuki worries about her and starts to believe that Hino was indeed a victim of ” the punishment game” where the loser is forced to do things such as writing a love letter to Takatsuki. Takatsuki behaves coldly towards Hino, leading her to quit calligraphy, only to realize later that Hino wrote the letter and joined the club by choice.ImageImageTakatsuki writes a letter of apology, not expecting to be forgiven, which Hino immediately accepts as a “love letter”. Takatsuki denies this though.

One of the few beautiful oneshots that have better stories than long multi-volume mangas. Just an opinion.

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